Whilst your work premises is empty, have you thought about?

Convert your lighting system to LED!
Save money and the environment!
We can provide you with cost saving amounts!

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As tradesman carrying out regular and emergency work at homes and businesses, we have a responsibility to take precautions against the spread of Covid-19. We ARE continuing to operate a normal service, but have taken the steps to assist in protecting our customers and ourselves.

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Happy new year to all of our past and present clients, we wish you all the best in 2020 and hope you have a prosperous year.

save led lighting

LED Lighting Could save you a nice fortune in more way than one!

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Most of us are happy to settle for a select range of fairy lights in our homes – but for one person, putting up the Christmas lighting is a whole other story! 

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Can I Replace Electrical accessories myself?

The short answer is yes, yes you can!
But in the eyes of the law you must be “competent”, you could also have issues with you insurance company and void your current electrical certificate.

How to replace a plug socket

What is SPD?

SPD stands for Surge Protection Device


Does it cost a bomb to have a smart home? Yes and No all depending on how far you would like to go!

We can start at the basic end a great starter point.
Like a Nest or Ring doorbell for instance.smart home automation

Is Confusion over LED Lamps costing you money?

For quite some time now I have been having discussions with clients about the benefits of 
LED lighting, the conversations usually, have themes like, LEDs are for toys you don’t get enough light from them or how can you justify telling me to pay £20 for a lamp (bulb) when I can buy a pack of 5 from my local DIY chain for a tenner.