ICEE Plan Pricing

The ICEE Plan

In Case of Electrical Emergency

Pricing Plan

ICEE Plan Bronze = £9.99 All basic cover

  • Within next day response

ICEE Plan Silver = £15.99

            As above with:

  • Within next day response
  • Include one outbuilding (for example, a shed with power)

ICEE Plan Gold = £25.99

            As above with

  • Include Outbuildings and/ or garden up to two (for example, a shed plus garden electrics, or separate garage, barn etc).
  • We will replace your sockets and switches every 4 years, white plastic
  • Members newsletter
  • Updates to new regulation changes
  • Access to my list of local trusted tradesmen and professionals
  • Same day response

ICEE Plan Platinum = £32.99

            As above with

  • We guarantee 12 hour response maximum
  • 1 call out per year for a family member or neighbour (subject to area)
  • We will replace your sockets and switches every 3 years, white plastic

Joining fee that also includes a visual condition report, with some basic testing.

(joining fee is non-refundable if the property is not eligible, however you will receive our report)

Joining Fee is £65.00 plus VAT